November 2002

Conservation benefit: No-take marine reserve

Community benefit: New kindergarten and upgraded community hall

Naikorokoro Village is located on the island of Ovalau, which lies just off the coast of Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu. Ovalau Island has played an important role in Fiji’s history as the site of Levuka, which was the nation’s first colonial capital. Naikorokoro is located two miles away from Levuka Town. There are two mataqali (tribes) in Naikorokoro, which has a population of 107 people. Because Naikorokoro is so close to Levuka, people have overfished many areas of the ocean near the village.

The village is establishing a 92-acre no-take marine reserve for ten years in their traditional fishing area. In exchange, Seacology is providing a grant for construction of a much-needed kindergarten and upgrades to the existing community hall.

Project Updates
January 2007
Seacology funded the repainting of the kindergarten and community hall, as they were in need of maintenance.
July 2004
Construction of the new kindergarten and work on the community hall have been completed. The buildings were officially dedicated during Seacology’s 2004 expedition to Fiji. The expedition shared...
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