July 2001

Conservation and community benefit: Reforestation of degraded coastal hills

Emerging from its turbulent history, East Timor, an island located off the coast of northern Australia, is one of the world’s youngest independent nations. While the country rejoices in its newfound freedom, it also faces serious environmental challenges.

The Haburas Foundation, established by a group of East Timorese students, is dedicated to reforesting degraded areas. One degraded area in urgent need of rehabilitation includes the coastal hills of Fatucama, an ancient sacred site of the East Timorese that is located four miles from East Timor’s capital of Dili. Serious erosion is threatening the hills. With funding from Seacology, Haburas has established a participatory reforestation program. Local residents are planting tree species that are of great value to their communities, improving the environment as well as the local economy.

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Project Updates
July 2004
In 2003, Haburas planted 1000 trees in addition to planting native grasses for erosion control. This year, Haburas is focusing their reforestation efforts along the coastline of the Fatucama hills...
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November 2003
Approximately one third of the 40-acre area to be revegetated had been planted as of early 2003.

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