January 2010

Conservation benefit: Establishment of a 413-acre conservation area for 10 years

Community benefit: Renovation and upgrade of the village meeting house and reroofing of the health clinic in Muri Village

Situated on the southern side of Rarotonga Island, Muri is a popular holiday resort, and many visitors and Cook Islanders use its beach and lagoon for recreation. The community requested assistance in upgrading their meeting house so it could be used for many purposes, including as a cyclone evacuation center, cultural arts center, gymnasium, and site for health care.

Seacology, working with the Muri Environment Care Group, will help fund the renovation and upgrading of the village meeting house and health clinic. In exchange, the Muri community will declare 413 acres of the lagoon and surrounding area as a protected area for 10 years. Harvesting any coral, fish, marine mammals, birds, or mammals that live on the islet will be prohibited, with the single exception of catching food fish for community use only. Sand mining of the beach will also be prohibited.

Project Updates
September 2015
Field Representative Tuaine Tuara reports that the renovations are complete and that the community held its first market day, where local women could sell food and crafts, and hopes to operate...
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July 2015
The framework for the shelter is complete. The roofing part is waiting for some dry weather; the Cook Islands have been unusually wet for the last few months.
April 2015
Improvements to the building have begun. The hot water system and sliding door have been installed. All materials for the extension have been procured, but construction is delayed by the current...
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January 2015
Cook Islands Field Representative Tuaine Tuara visited the Muri community in August 2014 and observed that the building constructed with Seacology funds in 2010 is well-used, and is currently...
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January 2011
The main building has been used for community workshops and other village activities. The clinic is being fully utilized by nurses from the Ministry of Health. A volunteer caretaker is looking...
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August 2010
Field representative Allan Tuara reports that the center was officially opened on August 14, 2010 with over 100 people in attendance. The water purifying unit attached to the outside of the center...
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June 2010
Field representative Allan Tuara reports that the old toilets/bathrooms in the main hall have been demolished and new toilets/bathrooms to the rear side of the hall have been framed and lined with...
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