Manihiki Atoll

January 2009

Conservation benefit: Creation of a 72-acre marine reserve for 30 years

Community benefit: Purchase of two UV water purification units and pump system

Manihiki is a small atoll in the Northern Cook Islands, approximately 550 miles north of the capital Rarotonga. The extremely low-lying atoll has a population of 400 on the two inhabited islands. As is common with small isolated communities, water is a major concern on Manihiki, where the only source of potable water is rainwater stored in tanks. Due to prolonged periods of storage, this water can become contaminated and pose a health risk.

The people of Manihiki would like assistance in the purchase of two ultraviolet water purifying units and pump systems – one for each village – with spare parts. In exchange for this funding, Manihiki will declare 72 acres of their lagoon as a marine reserve for 30 years.

Project Updates
June 2010
As of June 2010 field representative Allan Tuara reports that he has been informed by the project manager on Manihiki that both units are functioning and providing free clean drinking water to...
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November 2009
Purchase of the units will occur in August and installation should occur in September of 2009. The project is expected to take 3 months to complete. As of September 2009, due to the 2009 Pacific...
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June 2009
As of February 2009 field representative Allan Tuara began working on setting up community meetings to complete pre-grant documentation and planning phases for the project. Seacology is currently...
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