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October 2014

Photos from 2014 Prize Ceremony

On Thursday, October 9, we were pleased to award the 2014 Seacology Prize to “Professor” Ali Shaibu Shekue of Kenya, for his work in establishing several protected areas in his […]

September 2014

Duane Silverstein on KPFA Radio

Seacology’s Executive Director, Duane Silverstein, recently appeared on KPFA Radio’s Africa Today with Walter Jones. In the half-hour segment, Duane discusses Seacology’s innovative approach to conservation, our history, upcoming Seacology […]

September 2014

A recap of our recent Fiji expedition

In October of 2013, Duane Silverstein and I gave a Seacology presentation at the National Aquarium to a rapt group of approximately 35 members, donors and individuals interested in conservation. […]

September 2014

Storm-damaged Felemea center rebuilt

Our project on ‘Uiha Island, Tonga, suffered a major setback in January when the community center we had helped the Felemea community retrofit was leveled by Cyclone Ian, a Category […]

August 2014

Seacology works to keep Sibuyan lights on

The Philippines’ Sibuyan Island is home to some of the world’s densest forest and several rare, endemic plant and animal species. In June, Seacology struck a deal with the island’s […]

August 2014

Affiliate leader checks in on Seychelles site

Peter Pistor of our affiliate, Seacology Germany, makes a point to visit our project sites when traveling. Last month, he and his wife, Zina, were vacationing in the Seychelles and […]