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Video and transcript of Seacology Prize winner’s acceptance speech

October 21, 2014

Our most recent Seacology Prize winner, “Professor” Ali Shaibu Shekue, gave this moving statement upon accepting his award. Many thanks to Dishon Murage, our outstanding field representative for East Africa, for helping with the translation.

Ladies and gentlemen, accept our warm greetings from the people of Lamu in Kenya. I am most honored to be here, in your presence today. As an artisanal fisherman, I have never thought or dreamt of a day as this. This is evidence that Seacology has no boundaries, does not consider one’s level of education, does not consider one’s age, and does not look at one’s tribe or religion. I am overjoyed by being here in front of all of you to be honored.

I thank Seacology for its efforts to conserve the marine resources in Kenya and all over the world.

I also thank Seacology for its respect and recognition of indigenous knowledge that exists with the local community who are mostly uneducated and for its keenness to utilize this knowledge to enhance conservation.

I thank Seacology for recognizing us, guiding us, accepting us, and now awarding us for our efforts and determination. This award will encourage the youth to participate in conservation efforts and practices for the benefit of all future generations.

I thank the Board and members of Seacology for the excellent work that is being done to this world.

This event may seem to be small, but it will remain in our minds and hearts for the rest of our lives.

My heart is full of joy and my eyes are full of tears. I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you all.