The Island Legacy Society was created to recognize and honor individuals who treasure Seacology’s mission and have expressed their commitment to ensure that our important work continues. Additionally, the Island Legacy Society is intended to encourage others to consider similar gifts that will allow future generations to benefit from our commitment to island conservation. Learn more about the Island Legacy Society and how to join here.

Island Legacy Society members

Frank W. and Margaret B. Adelstein Fund*
Marie-Louise Ansak
Larry and Wendy Barels Charitable Remainder Trust
Michael Burbank & Cindy Roberts
Kimo Campbell*
Paul and Barbara Cox
Rosalind Douglas Trust*
Graham Farrar Living Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Feigenbaum*
Kathryn Fox-Winokur
Susan Friedman
Christy Gavitt
Eliot Girsang & Richard Wilson
Kathleen Goetten*
Hank and Jane Goichman
Mr. G. Morgan Griffin
Craig Grube
Scott Halsted
Doug and Leni Herst
Michael N. Hofman and Janet Moyer
The Hotham Family Trust
Cynthia Hubach, in honor of Richard A. Hubach, PhD.
Carlton A. Hubbell Trust*
Shanna Jamieson
Dr. Kimberly Johnson
Sara Katz
Masayuki Kishimoto
Mr. Raleigh Klein
Ken Murdock
Mark Murzin* and Krista Knoernschild
Dana Nojima and Elaine Lyford-Nojima
Matsuno Kuhara Patrick
Mickey Petersen Charitable Fund*
Peter Pistor
Robert D. Plotnick and Gay L. Jensen
Shari Sant Plummer
John C. and Susan C. Racanelli
Gordon Radley
Kristin Reed
Judith Rosenthal
James and Gretchen Sandler
Guy and Jeanine Saperstein
Joseph and Catherine Scalzo
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Selig
Duane Silverstein and Marcia Stewart
Rose & Arthur Silverstein Memorial Fund*
Mr. Lindley S. Sloan
Michael and Marilyn Staffieri Family Trust
Sandie N. Tillotson Foundation
Cindy and Richard Troop
James L. Walker, IV
Alex Weinstein, MD and Betty Helton, MD
Erin West
Herbert A. West
Greg and Pat White
Marsha Garces Williams

*In memoriam

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