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Endangered parrots, turtles, seals just a few of the species a dozen new projects will help

February 18, 2021

Twelve new Seacology projects, spanning the globe from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, will protect thousands of acres of sensitive island habitats and threatened species including seals, turtles, and parrots. Explore them all:


Villa Quinchao, Chile. An island community here will protect 240 acres of marine wetland bird habitat. They will further environmental education with bird blinds and interpretive signs, as well as gear and classes for the local elementary school’s environmental club.

Awak, Federated States of Micronesia. In exchange for permanent protection of 173 acres of mangroves, fringing reef, and seagrass, we will support a community-wide aquaculture project, to restock the reef and mangrove areas with giant clams and other creatures.

Malem, Federated States of Micronesia. In exchange for permanent protection of 10.5 acres of mangroves, we will fund improvement of the community ball field and the addition of restrooms and a rainwater storage tank.

Woburn Clarkes Court Bay, Grenada. This project will repair a birdwatching shelter funded by Seacology 10 years ago, and add a new floating platform so visitors and students can see the abundant wildlife of this lush mangrove area.

Northern Cyclades Islands, Greece. In our first project in Greece, our nonprofit partners will launch a campaign to teach locals and boat tourists about the serious and long-term damage boat anchors are doing to seagrass beds around the islands.

Guanaja and Roatán Islands, Honduras. To protect endangered parrots from poaching, we will fund artificial nesting boxes and patrols during the breeding season.

Lutha Rato Village, Indonesia. The people of this remote village in the mountains of Timor Island will protect rainforest watershed, and Seacology will fund fire watchtowers and water storage tanks to help during the long dry seasons.

Mantondoni Village, Kenya. More than 1,000 acres of mangroves around Lamu Island will be protected, and Seacology will fund construction of a water cistern and support beekeeping as an alternative income source.

Long Tanid, Malaysia. This project will help protect almost 1,400 acres of precious Borneo rainforest, by funding the installation of a clean micro-hydro energy system.

Ensenada Blanca Beach, Mexico. This popular beach, on Coronado Island in Baja California Sur, lacks proper restrooms–and as a result, the dunes where birds and sea turtles nest are polluted. A Seacology grant will be used to install high-quality composting toilets.

Amantani Island, Peru. This project, on an island in Lake Titicaca, will promote conservation of endangered birds, tree planting, and organic agriculture. Seacology will fund an interpretive center and recycling equipment.

Puerto Galera, Philippines. Building on the success of our 2020 seagrass mapping project in Spain, we will fund mapping in the Verde Island Passage, one of the world’s great marine biodiversity hotspots. The data collected will be added to a free app that boat captains can use to avoid anchoring on seagrass beds.