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New projects will protect thousands of acres

February 6, 2019

Dugongs in Thailand, apes in Indonesia, pygmy elephants in Malaysia… these are just some of the endangered animals whose island habitats will be protected by new Seacology projects.

Seacology’s Board of Directors has approved 10 new projects, on islands spanning the globe. These diverse conservation efforts include our first project in Thailand since 2005 and new projects with trusted partners in Mexico and Jamaica. They will protect nearly 9,000 acres of island habitat and help local communities move toward sustainable development.

Korolevu Village, Fiji: A 1,939-acre forest reserve and a 900-acre mangrove and marine sanctuary, in exchange for a new community hall

Oracabessa Bay, Jamaica: Increased enforcement of fish sanctuary regulations, floating dock

Robinson Island, Kenya: Conservation of 198 acres of mangrove forest, in exchange for water cistern, equipment for the Mareneni Beach Management Unit, and mangrove replanting

Natividad Island, Mexico: Ridding island of dangerous scrap metal and restoring bird nesting area, in support of community’s low-impact tourism effort

Mandalamekar Village, Indonesia: Protecting and replanting 128 acres of rainforest, in exchange for bamboo processing equipment that will promote sustainable income

Kolosunan Village, Malaysia: 4,032-acre watershed catchment area, in exchange for a sustainable livelihood effort

Tampasak Village, Malaysia: Protection of 833-acre forest, in exchange for a gravity-fed system to provide clean water

Tingloy Municipality, Philippines: New 50-acre marine protected area, in exchange for a nature conservation center

Libong Island, Thailand: Protection of 1,000–acre dugong seagrass habitat and 26 acres of feeding grounds for migratory birds, in exchange for an environmental education and cultural center

Toloa Rainforest Reserve, Tonga: Protecting and restoring the 52-acre Toloa Rainforest Reserve, in exchange for a new environmental education center