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Seacology launches seven new projects, first in Mozambique

June 17, 2015

At their June meeting, Seacology’s Board of Directors approved seven new projects, including our first in the nation of Mozambique. These initiatives will help to protect thousands of acres of combined marine and terrestrial habitat, and such threatened species as dugongs, oceanic mantas, and fishing cats.


Belize: Big Falls
Construction of housing for paying volunteers who help with conservation projects, in exchange for continued protection of three protected areas totaling 162,000 acres

India: Berhampur Island, Chilika Lake
Construction of a solar-powered multipurpose community center, in exchange for planting 10,000 mangrove and other trees, protecting 20 aces of Chilika lagoon, and conducting environmental education for 10 years

Indonesia: Lamakera, Solor Island
Construction of an ecotourism and community center, in exchange for a ban on hunting oceanic manta rays off Solor Island for 20 years

Kenya: Mkwiro Village
Rehabilitation of Beach Management Unit office and construction of alternative livelihood workshop, tools and training, in exchange for protection of the 741-acre Mkwiro Marine Co-Management Area

Madagascar: Ambaro-Ambanja Bay
Ecotourism center and latrines, eco-camp, and improvements to mangrove walk, in exchange for protection of 988 intact acres of mangrove forest for 30 years

Mozambique: Bazaruto Archipelago National Park
Development of alternative livelihood opportunities, in exchange for protection of marine habitat and biodiversity, including endangered dugongs

Papua New Guinea: Turubu
Construction of multipurpose community center, in exchange for protection of a 1,400-acre wildlife management area and six small islands for 20 years