Friday, June 8, is World Oceans Day​—an international celebration of ocean environments and the need to protect them.

To mark the occasion, Seacology is officially launching our project on Isla Providencia, Colombia. On this beautiful, remote island in the Caribbean, we’re funding ​a campaign to promote the protection of parrotfish. These colorful fish graze on algae, keeping it from growing out of control. Without them, coral reefs are quickly overtaken by algae and die, deprived of essential sunlight and nutrients. Providencia is home to some of the healthiest remaining coral reefs in the Caribbean​. ​By protecting these essential herbivores, we hope to keep i​t
that way.

Our project works with the fishing community to help them understand ​that healthy reefs mean healthy fisheries.​ Our ultimate goal is a ​total ban on catching parrotfish, ​which will be successful ​only with the cooperation of fishermen and other stakeholders on the island.

The project is supported by Seacology’s first-ever crowdfunding campaign, which reached its ​ ​$16,000 ​goal earlier this month. The campaign runs through late June and if you haven’t yet made a contribution, ​it’s not too late! ​We’ll use ​any additional funds raised to expand ​our work to protect Isla Providencia’s reefs.​

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