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Madagascar is one of the world’s top five biodiversity hotspots, but it faces the ongoing loss of its forests. In the northeast, illegal logging of rosewood and ebony trees has hit Marojejy National Park and Masoala National Park especially hard. These two UNESCO World Heritage Sites are categorized as “in danger.” Marojejy National Park has […]

Mandena, Manantenina, and Ambohimanarina Villages

“The United States have the Statue of Liberty, France has the Eiffel tower…. For us in Madagascar it is our biodiversity …” These words were written by Professor Jonah Ratsimbazafy, one of a group of scientists urging Madagascar’s government to act swiftly to stop the country’s calamitous loss of habitat. An astounding 89% of Madagascar’s […]

Steward of Madagascar’s rainforest continues to protect an oasis for wildlife

The Seacology Prize is awarded just once a year, but the dedicated work of its recipients rarely stops. Years or even decades after being honored, many Seacology Prize recipients–every one an inspiring environmental activist–are still working to defend fragile island habitats and stand up for indigenous communities. Case in point: Rabary Désiré of Madagascar, who […]

Footbridge in Madagascar gives kids safe passage to new schoolhouse

Going to school wasn’t always so easy for the kids of Antsahaberaoka, a village in northern Madagascar. During the rainy seasons, many children simply couldn’t reach the school because the river running through the community rose too high to safely cross. More problems awaited them at the schoolhouse itself, which was made from dilapidated wood […]

Why Islands?

“One of the swiftest and most profound biological catastrophes in the history of the earth.”