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Seacology welcomes first field representatives for Turkey, New Zealand

December 18, 2023

Seacology’s part-time field representatives are key to our success. These dedicated people—more than two dozen of them—represent Seacology in their home countries and work with island communities and organizations to develop and monitor our projects. Their deep knowledge of local culture, traditions, and environmental issues helps us adapt Seacology’s win-win model of conservation to the diverse countries where our projects take place.

This month, we’re excited to expand our field team with two experienced conservation professionals who will lead our first-ever projects in Turkey and New Zealand.

Zafer KizilkayaZafer Kizilkaya is a Turkish civil engineer, marine researcher, and accomplished underwater photographer. After working in ocean conservation throughout the Indo-Pacific region, he returned to his home country in 2012 and co-founded the Mediterranean Conservation Society. His work to protect the Turquoise Coast from overfishing, invasive species, and other threats was recognized when he won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize this year. 

Arnaz MehtaArnaz Mehta is a Seacology veteran who served as our field representative in Indonesia for 12 years before relocating with her family to New Zealand in 2014. With a wide-ranging background that encompasses conservation, education, ecotourism and more, she rejoins our team as our first field rep in New Zealand, an island nation of stunning geographical and biological diversity.

Learn more about Zafer and Arnaz, and all of our fantastic field representatives here.