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Spotlight on Seacology’s support for coastal resilience in Kenya

September 22, 2021

The Global Resilience Partnership and UNDRR’s PreventionWeb just published a great profile of our work at Wasini Island, Kenya. Seacology worked with the community there to protect the island’s mangrove and coral reef ecosystems. Local management is making the local fisheries more sustainable, and new rainwater cisterns are improving water security.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

…through a combination of community effort, targeted investment and international cooperation the island of Wasini has been able to shift from dealing with increasing risks to building resilience.

How did Wasini make this shift? With help from Seacology and its partners, the local communities in Wasini identified key intervention points to build resilience, attracted support and took action. They set up a 500-hectare protective area around the mangrove forest and created a marine protected area (MPA) to help the coral reefs and fish populations recover. They also constructed rainwater harvesting cisterns, as importing freshwater was costly and draining local incomes.

Read the full piece at PreventionWeb and Global Resilience Partnership.