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Accolades for Seacology

September 23, 2021

Can we brag a little?

Seacology is a small organization, working hard to protect island habitats, and we don’t get the attention given to giant organizations. But the world seems to be noticing our effectiveness, because three new environmental awards acknowledge our work! We’re delighted that our unique, grassroots approach to conservation—and the hard work of the island communities we partner with—is being recognized.

  • Seacology is one of five finalists in the Overcoming Climate Change category of the 2021 .ORG Impact Awards. The awards recognize exceptional nonprofits making positive change in the world. The winner will be announced on November 9.
  • Duane Silverstein, Seacology’s executive director, was named an Ocean Hero in recognition of his decades of leadership on ocean conservation. The award comes from The Salty Hands, a Canada-based conservation organization that advocates for restoring ocean ecosystems.
  • Demianus Nadu, a local leader of our project in Indonesia’s Sahang-Pangajid forest, received the national government’s Kalpataru Award for his leadership in protecting forests managed by indigenous communities. This project helps local people make a sustainable living by harvesting forest products without cutting trees or damaging the forest.