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Seacology’s next big project, youth climate leaders, and more

May 19, 2021

Having been with Seacology from the start—literally, as the first employee back in 1999 — Karen Peterson has a unique perspective on Seacology’s mission and achievements. She now oversees Seacology’s major initiatives and our projects in East Africa.

In a conversation with Alex Coburn, host of the Misguided travel series, Karen talked about Seacology’s origins, how the scope of our work has dramatically grown, and why we focus exclusively on islands. They discuss the importance of listening to island communities about their needs, Seacology’s growing focus on “blue carbon” ecosystems like mangroves and seagrass, the impact of the pandemic on conservation, and more. Watch the full conversation, which originally aired on the Mammalz streaming network, below.

Karen was also profiled by Louder Than The Storm, an organization of young climate activists. In their Q&A, she recalls her unexpected but rewarding journey from rural Vermont to leading nationwide projects from Sri Lanka to the Caribbean, the Seacology projects she’s most excited about, and why she’s hopeful about the future of the environmental movement.

“I’m particularly heartened and inspired by the climate dialogue that younger activists are generating,” she said. “Many exciting virtual events have drawn in so many people who would have been unable to attend in-person events. I’ve enjoyed engaging in this way with activists and thought leaders from all over the world.”