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Seacology Prize recipient profiled in new book

July 8, 2020

Author and dive instructor Vera Kruithof’s new book, Be a Wave Maker, profiles 24 exemplary individuals working to protect the world’s oceans and all of the life within them. Among these leaders is Patricia Lamelas, our 2018 Seacology Prize winner from the Dominican Republic!

“Patricia empowers her community with a sense of responsibility towards the environment,” says Kruithof on her decision to include Lamelas in the book. “She educates, shows alternatives, and sets up amazing projects. Her efforts pay off: mangrove trees, coral reefs, and seagrass meadows are thriving as never before. Regardless of all the good work Patricia is doing, she is one of the most humble people you will come across. It is inspiring to see Patricia’s efforts, persistence, and dedication to leave the world in better shape than she found it.”

The last chapter of Be a Wave Maker is left unfinished, inviting you to complete the book with the story of your own connection to the sea. We hope you’ll check out and enjoy the engaging, inspiring, and beautifully illustrated book. If you pre-order using this link, Seacology will receive a share of the proceeds.

Patricia Lamelas won the 2018 Seacology Prize for her advocacy for the Dominican Republic's mangrove ecosystems.

Vera Kruithof's book introduces readers to 24 inspiring individuals around the world dedicated to protecting our oceans.