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Duane Silverstein talks islands, COVID-19, and missing travel with Wild Earth Expeditions

June 1, 2020

Wild Earth Expeditions, based in Australia, organizes unique tours to fascinating destinations around the world. A longtime travel partner of Seacology, it has helped us put together unforgettable trips to our project sites in Tonga, Sri Lanka, and other island nations.

While international tourism is on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Wild Earth is working to inform and inspire its community of adventurous travelers–and plan trips for the post-pandemic future.

Cofounder Natalia Baechtold recently interviewed Seacology’s Executive Director Duane Silverstein about his years of working on environmental projects on islands. In a wide-ranging discussion, posted here, Silverstein explains why Seacology works only on islands, why partnering with indigenous island communities is both a just and effective strategy for conservation, and how the pandemic is affecting our work. He also shares some of his favorite travel memories, from striking a deal to protect a critically endangered primate in Vietnam to doing the inaugural flush on a Fijiian village’s first modern toilet.

Check out Wild Earth Expeditions’ blog post for this lively conversation!