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A milestone: 300 island projects!

June 19, 2018

Our latest batch of new projects brings our total above 300. We’re excited not only because we hit an impressive number, but because these are great new partnerships with island communities. They will help to protect nearly 45,000 acres of sensitive habitat and will provide much-needed infrastructure to island communities.

Bangladesh: Sonadia Island
Conservation of 8,000 acres for 10 years; environmental education, in exchange for a solar-powered mangrove center and boardwalk

Federated States of Micronesia: Kuop Atoll (Chuuk)
Increased protection of 25,089-acre permanent marine protected area, in exchange for a ranger station for surveillance and enforcement of the area

India: Berhampur and Mahinsha Islands
Protection of 20 acres of Chilika Lagoon for 10 years and mangrove replanting, in exchange for a community ecotourism and livelihood and education center, organic garden

Indonesia: Rasau Sebaju
Protection of 741 acres of forest for 15 years, in exchange for a forest guard tower, toilets, bridge, and communication equipment

Malaysia: Langkabong Village
Protection of 840 acres of rainforest watershed for 15 years, in exchange for a gravity-fed water supply system for the village

Philippines: Lobo Municipality
Protection of 118 acres of forest for 10 years, reduction of fishing pressure, support of three fish reserves (78 acres total), in exchange for solar-powered visitors center, guest huts, and gear for ecotourism initiative

Tanzania: Unguja Island
Conservation of 8,213 acres of forest for 20 years, and environmental education, in exchange for community training center, signage, environmental education and apiculture

Uruguay: Queguay Islands
Enhanced legal protection for 6,326-acre islands, in exchange for technical help necessary to request protected status, a  tourist awareness program, and tour guide training