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Seacology launches 10 new projects

June 16, 2016

Seacology is launching 10 new projects around the world, including our first ones in Cuba and Peru! This new work, spanning the globe and comprising tens of thousands of acres of protected habitat, will protect endemic species, strengthen fisheries, and support sustainable ecotourism. On Monday, our Board of Directors approved these projects:

  • Cocodrilo, Cuba: Increased protection of the offshore marine environment, in exchange for support for alternative livelihoods, including ecotourism skills, and reef-monitoring training and equipment
  • Rang Village, Yap, Federated States of Micronesia: Protection of 24-acre mangrove forest as no-take area for 15 years, in exchange for community water system
  • Pakraman Wongaya, Indonesia: Permanent protection of 1,600 acres of rainforest, in exchange for renovation of community center
  • Puncak Baru Village, Indonesia: Preservation of 2,325 acres of forest for 15 years, in exchange for repair of community freshwater supply system
  • Saporkreng Village, Indonesia: Permanent protection of 371 acres of coral reef habitat, in exchange for jetty, boat moorings, and marker buoys
  • Sii Island, Kenya: Conservation of 1,977 acres of mangrove forest for 15 years, in exchange for watchtowers, mangrove mapping and replantation, and community awareness program
  • Contoy Island, Mexico: 3,927-acre permanent lobster refuge, in exchange for installation of solar power and restoration of fishermen’s shelters
  • Foca Island, Peru: Protection of 24,216 marine acres for 15 years, in exchange for construction of ecotourism and interpretive center

Prior to the meeting, we recently approved two other projects:

We’re very excited to move forward on all of these new initiatives, to work with new partners in new countries, and to continue to achieve win-win outcomes for island habitats and communities. Each of these projects is the product of detailed planning and research by our staff and field representatives and careful scrutiny by our board members; we’re confident that they will soon make a real and positive impact.

We’re also thrilled to announce that the Board has chosen the winner of the 2016 Seacology Prize. We look forward to sharing the recipient’s name and story with you in our next e-newsletter.