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Boardwalk through mangrove forest in the Philippines nearly complete

September 18, 2013

A new 800-meter boardwalk through a mangrove forest on Bohol Island, Philippines is nearly complete. Once finished, it will help the village of San Vicente protect not only their forest, but surrounding fishing areas as well.

By funding this boardwalk project, we’re helping San Vicente continue a conservation effort that began in 1999 after a report showed that fish traps and deforestation within the mangrove forest were impeding the mangroves’ role as a “nursery” for fish species that are eventually caught in nearby traditional fishing grounds. The village raised funds to build a bamboo boardwalk and an information center to facilitate ecotourism and conservationism, but since then, the bamboo structure has degraded, and so San Vicente needed a new boardwalk.

Full project info here.