Seacology’s Executive Director, Duane Silverstein, is exceptionally well-traveled. By our count, he’s visited more than 180 islands in 75 nations in the course of his tenure at Seacology and in his personal travels.

Last month, the UK’s prestigious Royal Geographical Society recognized Duane by naming him a fellow in the storied institution. As a fellow, Duane joins one of the world’s great communities of geographers, policy experts, explorers, and conservationists including past fellows Charles Darwin, David Livingston, Henry Stanley, Edmond Hillary, Alfred Russel White and Seacology Scientific Advisory Board member Sylvia Earle.

“I am honored to follow in the footsteps of so many giants in the fields of geography and exploration,” says Silverstein. “I have so much to learn from other fellows and at the same time I look forward to spreading the word about the extinction crisis on islands and Seacology’s efforts to preserve threatened island ecosystems.”

The RGS has previously been a great partner in promoting Seacology’s conservation model, covering our work in Geographical, its official magazine. Duane is also currently a fellow of the Explorer’s Club based in the United States.

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