Seacology works only with islands, which are especially vulnerable to climate change. We see, first-hand, the effects that climate change is already having on island communities:  bleached coral reefs, fewer fish, more violent storms, houses and schools lost to the rising sea.

Like most national governments, a majority of state governments in the United States, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and countless individuals, we remain committed to doing whatever we can to ameliorate the effects of global climate change.

Many of our projects around the world involve tree-planting, coral reef restoration, or other measures that can make the planet—and all of us, who depend on its resources—healthier.

We hope that our single biggest project, helping to protect ALL of the mangrove forests in Sri Lanka, will have an especially significant effect on global warming. Mangrove ecosystems, by keeping organic matter underwater where it does not decay and release carbon dioxide, sequester many times more carbon than do other kinds of forests. And because mangroves also protect communities from storm damage and contribute to vibrant coral reefs, preserving and replanting these forests can have a significant impact in Sri Lanka–and the rest of the world.

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