We’re excited to announce that last week Seacology’s board of directors approved seven new conservation projects around the world. These partnerships will protect many hundreds of acres of marine, forest, and mangrove ecosystems, reduce harmful pollution, and help isolated and disadvantaged island communities. Among the species to benefit from these new projects are manatees, humphead wrasse, and the bandro, a rare species of lemur found only in one small corner of Madagascar.

The new projects are located at:

Orika, Rosario Islands, Colombia: Waste-processing facility to reduce pollution. This is Seacology’s first-ever project in the nation of Colombia.

Woaun Koapin Soamwoai, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia: Community meeting and learning center in exchange for expansion of Nahtik marine reserve

Setapuk Besar, Borneo, Indonesia: Community and mangrove education center and bridge in exchange for protection of 741-acre mangrove forest for 15 years

Andreba, Madagascar: Community center with solar panels and wildlife viewing platforms, in exchange for protection of 210 acres of wetlands, conservation education, ecotourism development, and restoration of degraded habitat

Holbox Island, Mexico: Pollution reduction and replanting of 2.5-acre deforested area, in exchange for toilet facilities with rainwater collection and storage system and solar-powered water treatment system

Batuhan, Mindoro Island, Philippines: Daycare center in exchange for protection of 132 acres of mangrove forest for 30 years and mangrove nursery

‘Atataa Island, Tonga: Alternative livelihood program and rebuilding of community center in support of a 440-acre fish habitat reserve for 15 years

Seacology has now launched 276 projects on islands in 58 countries.

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