Seats are going fast for Seacology’s biggest public event of the year! Join us on Thursday, October 3 in Berkeley California as we recognize an inspiring grassroots conservation leader. The 2019 Seacology Prize Ceremony will be held at the David Brower Center  in downtown Berkeley.

The Seacology Prize is awarded annually to an individual who has excelled at advancing Seacology’s mission—the preservation of island inhabitants and cultures. Through the Seacology Prize, we aim to not only honor and promote these committed conservationists, who often work at the grassroots level with little recognition, but to directly support their efforts through the grant that accompanies the award. We’ll be announcing the identity of the 2019 recipient soon.

The prize ceremony is also a great way to learn more about Seacology, catch up on our recent work, and meet other supporters of our mission.

As always, the event is free and open to the public. We just ask that you RSVP online or by calling 510-559-3505 to ensure your spot, as seating is limited.

1623 Solano Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94707 USA

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