Save an Acre of Forest or Coral Reef!

Coral reefs and tropical rainforests are home to the planet’s greatest biodiversity, but are disappearing at an alarming rate. Every acre we save makes a world of difference. Now you can help protect these ecosystems with Seacology’s Save an Acre program.

For every tax-deductible $40 donation to the Save an Acre program, you can choose to directly support either a coral reef or rainforest conservation area. Celebrate any special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, or holiday) by protecting a pristine coral reef or forest from development and exploitation with this simple and meaningful gift.

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Learn more:

Marine habitat in the Philippines: Agdangan municipality, on the southern coast of Luzon, is home to extensive coral reef and mangrove ecosystems. Our project will help safeguard these resources against overfishing and other threats. Learn more…

Borneo’s rainforest: The dense watershed forest near the Malaysian village of Mangkadait is under threat from palm oil plantations. Our project will help promote sustainable farming and is the first step in ensuring government protections for the land. Learn more…

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