February 2017

Conservation benefit: Protection of 132 acres of mangrove forest for 30 years; mangrove nursery

Community benefit: Daycare center

The Philippine island of Mindoro is a global conservation priority. It has hundreds of endemic plant and animal species and a great diversity of habitats, and it faces serious environmental threats. The island’s Naujan Lake National Park is an IUCN Key Biodiversity Area and a Ramsar wetland of international importance.

This project will protect a mangrove forest, adjacent to the national park, that is under threat from conversion to fish ponds. If it continues to decline, there will be fewer fish and other marine creatures in the nearby coral reefs and seagrass beds, and coastal communities will be more vulnerable to wave and wind damage. And of course, the carbon sequestered by the mangrove ecosystem will be released into the atmosphere.

The local women’s organization will lead the protection effort. Two local groups, Forest Rangers and Fish Wardens, have been deputized by the municipal government and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to enforce forest protection rules. They are already conducting patrols. They will also put in a mangrove nursery to propagate seedlings.

The village has no daycare center, and will use a Seacology grant to build one, with the help of the Haribon Foundation. Parents will no longer need to take their young children across a narrow bamboo footbridge—treacherous in the rainy season, when there are high tides and strong winds—to get to a facility in the next village.

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Project Updates
May 2017
Our nonprofit partner, the Haribon Foundation, has been resolving some issues with respect to building permits. Haribon applied for, and was granted, a Special Land Use Permit that will allow...
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