Sano Nggoang

January 2011

Conservation benefit: Support of a 939-acre existing no-take forest reserve and the creation of a new 74-acre no-take forest reserve for a minimum of 10 years

Community benefit: Health clinic

Sano Nggoang, located on the southwest coast of Flores Island in Indonesia, is one of 27 villages located around the 63,738-acre Mbeliling Forest. This “protected” forest was established under Dutch rule and then expanded by the Indonesian government in 1991. The Mbeliling Forest consists of two types of tropical rainforest ecosystems and is rich in limited-range bird life and endemic bird species, and serves as a critical watershed area for nearly 33,000 people in the area.

Sano Nggoang Village has virtually no medical care. A decrepit building serves as a clinic; the medic assigned to the area stays in a different village and visits Sano Nggoang about once a month because of the lack of facilities there. The closest clinic is in the village of Werang, a two- to three-hour drive away on very bad roads, and public transportation is available only twice a week. Malaria is common, and health care for children and pregnant women is severely lacking.

In exchange for the village’s commitment to conservation of an existing 939 acres of Mbeliling Forest and the creation of new 74-acre community forest as a no-take zone for a minimum of 10 years, Seacology is funding construction of a new community health clinic. Local NGO Burung Indonesia has drafted a Nature Protection agreement with the involvement of all 27 villages around the Mbeliling Forest in their local dialect to encompass rules and sanctions of the protected forest. Seacology partnered with Burung on two other successful projects around the Mbeliling Forest, at Cunca Lolos and Benteng Dewa Villages.

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Project Updates
June 2012
The Seacology-funded health clinic in Sano Nggoang village was formally opened on May 10 in a ceremony between the villagers of Sano Nggoang and the Head of the Regency of West Manggarai. Two...
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March 2012
Basic building, roof construction, rough wall plaster, pit toilets, terrace, door and window frames have all been completed. Plans for the next stage of work include fine plastering of walls, and...
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June 2011
According to project contact Umbu Randja Pati, the project development committee has conducted a survey of the procurement of red bricks. Based on survey results, the red brick maker will send...
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