Mantantas and Sara Villages

January 2005

Conservation benefit: Protection of a 6,735-acre forest reserve

Community benefit: Construction of a community center

Vanuatu, formerly called New Hebrides, is an island nation located west of Fiji in the South Pacific. Espiritu Santo is Vanuatu’s largest island.

The largest remaining forest on the plains of Vanuatu is the 6,735-acre Vatthe Conservation Area. The local villages are willing to extend the duration of the protected area for another 20 years. In exchange, Seacology is providing funding for construction of a much-needed community center.

Project Updates
December 2009
Kevin Tari reports that as of October, cement, stone, sand, and timber had been transported to the site to be used in repairing the water tank. Work is now nearing completion with the ground well....
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June 2008
As of April 2008 the conservation area remains intact in spite of a brief community consideration in 2007 to revoke the conservation agreement to sell logging rights to pay for lawyer fees over...
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June 2006
Vanuatu Field Representative Kevin Tari reports that the communities are using the hall for meetings and workshops. However, there is currently a crisis regarding the status of the Vatthe...
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October 2005
Seacology visited Espiritu Santo the second week of October, when the organization made an expedition to the Solomon Islands. Executive Director Duane Silverstein, Seacology Field Representative...
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July 2005
Materials were purchased in April 2005, and construction of the community center is underway.

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