Kiweni, Lamu Archipelago

May 2009

Conservation benefit: Eestablishment of a 741-acre community managed marine conservation area for 10 years

Community benefit: Purchase of moorings for boundary demarcation and anchorage, snorkel gear, solar inverter system, communication and other equipment

The Lamu Archipelago extends from the Kenya-Somalia border to the Tana Delta, incorporating the North Banks and the Dodori channels. It’s an enormous area, covering approximately 2,340 square miles. It is also a priority conservation area, and Lamu Island is a designated World Heritage Site. The coastal and marine resources in the archipelago are increasingly under threat from over-harvesting of corals, pelagic fish, sea turtles, and invertebrates. Destructive practices such as beach seining, fishing with drift nets, and coral mining damage the environment.

Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, a local community-based organization, wishes to establish a 741-acre community managed marine protected area for 10 years. The area will include ecologically fragile coral reefs and fish feeding, breeding, and spawning sites. They also wish to continue to patrol and monitor turtle nesting sites on Lamu and Manda Islands, and conduct environmental education in four schools on Lamu Island. In exchange, Seacology will provide funding to buy boundary demarcation buoys, moorings for anchorage, snorkel gear, a communication system (radios, etc.) to support patrol and monitoring of the conservation area, two bandas (shelters) to accommodate patrolling scouts, a solar inverter system, and a digital camera.

Project Updates
January 2011
According to Seacology Field Representative Dishon Murage, construction of the minor banda (shelter/guard station) on Manda Island at Takwa is complete; it is expected to contribute to ecotourism...
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June 2010
It was reported that the main community banda in Pate is complete and the solar system has been installed. Architectural plans for a minor banda to be located in Takwa Village on Manda Island are...
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March 2010
Field representative Dishon Murage reports that the main community banda in Pate is nearing completion; this banda will be the base for the VHF radio for communication plus a solar power system...
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December 2009
As of December 2009 community members drawn from Shanga, Pate, Lamu and Shella have mapped and demarcated the 3 km2 conservation area and a total of 12 mooring and demarcation buoys are already...
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October 2009
As of September 2009, LamCOT has begun visiting local villages to discuss the process of creating the MPA, as well as the changes that this project will bring. Visiting the village of Pate, on...
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