July 2003

Conservation benefit: Creation of a 3,200-acre marine sanctuary

Community benefit: Fisheries enforcement and community infrastructure

The Togean Islands are a cluster of rainforest-capped karst islands. (Karst is a landscape formed when minerals such as limestone dissolve, leaving ridges, caves, and towers.) The islands are margined by a barrier reef and surround by a myriad of patch reefs. Illegal blast fishing is an ongoing activity in the Togeans and is met with virtually no enforcement.

Seacology is providing local villages with a speedboat and radio equipment for patrol, a guardhouse, as well as new infrastructure for the village of Tomil. In exchange, the village is setting aside a 3,200-acre no-take fishing zone, which has been coordinated by Black Marlin Dive Resort.

Project Updates
June 2008
As of April 2008, the water system remains in good working order. The village continues their work on renovating a mosque. In response to a few problems with local fisherman extracting sea...
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January 2007
A patrol boat was acquired in June 2006, and patrols are under way. Meetings to discuss renovation plans will continue into 2007.
June 2006
Acquisition of a patrol boat is expected to be completed by June 2006. In the meantime, Black Marlin Dive Center has been loaning their dive boat for patrols. In 2005, villagers cut holes in the...
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January 2006
Construction of the guardhouse is completed. Acquisition of a speedboat has been slow. The boat is being constructed at the local pearl farm, and was scheduled to be completed by January 2006....
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July 2005
The guardhouse was completed in early 2005. The construction of a new boat dedicated to patrolling the sanctuary is scheduled to be completed in June 2005. In the meantime, the Black Marlin Dive...
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July 2004
The freshwater component of the project has been completed successfully. A well was drilled about 5 km uphill from the village from a permanent source of water. The water is reported to be good...
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