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Iboih Village


Conservation benefit: Establishment of a 35-acre permanent no-take mangrove forest reserve

Community benefit: Coral reef clean-up and mangrove restoration

Date Approved: 07.2005


This project protects mangroves, which trap more CO2 than any other kind of forest and as a result, slow global warming.

Iboih Village on Weh Island is located on the most westerly point of Indonesia, in Aceh province. The island was spared from serious damage by the December 2004 tsunami that devastated so much of Aceh. But debris from the island was deposited on the nearby reefs, and a large swath of mangroves was destroyed.

The people of Iboih Village will create a 35-acre permanent no-take mangrove forest reserve.

With the assistance of Aceh Coral Conservation, Seacology will provide funding to replant 14,400 mangrove seedlings and clean up the debris that is suffocating the reefs and remaining mangrove forest.

Project Updates

June 2006

About 50% of the planted mangroves survived, which was the expected survival rate. Since then several other funding sources contributed to a second replanting.

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January 2006

The coral reef and mangrove cleanup took place in October 2005.

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