November 2001

Conservation benefit: Forest and flying fox preservation

Community benefit: Construction of a community hall and water tank

Waibalavu Village is located 80 miles from the capital city of Suva on Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu. It has a population of 160 composed of three tribes.

Seacology has assisted the village in the construction of a badly-needed community hall and water supply system. In return, the village has agreed to protect 792 acres of pristine rainforest, as well as a mountain cave that is home to a colony of Pacific sheath-tail bats, also known as flying foxes or bekabeka.

Project Updates
January 2007
Seacology funded the repainting of the community hall, which was in need of maintenance.
November 2003
The community hall has been constructed and the water system completed. Both were dedicated during the June 2003 Seacology expedition to Fiji.

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