• September 2015

    Seacology launches new Save an Acre projects

    Since 2013, our generous donors have contributed thousands of dollars though our popular Save an Acre Program to support protection of the pristine habitats at Nanwap Reef in Micronesia and Madagascar’s Spiny Forest. With Seacology’s role in these projects wrapping up, we’re excited to announce the next two Save An Acre sites, both projects begun […]

  • August 2015

    Celebrating National Water Quality Month

    Few things are as important to human survival as access to clean water, and in few places is this necessity more precarious than on remote islands. Indigenous islanders can be vulnerable to fresh water shortages, contamination, and damage to water supply infrastructure by natural disasters. At Seacology, we work with communities around the world to […]

  • July 2015

    Read our spring/summer newsletter here

    In May, we published the latest edition of our bi-annual print newsletter, recently retitled Island Update. This issue focuses on Seacology’s ongoing work to conserve mangrove ecosystems, particularly our nationwide project in Sri Lanka. While the print edition is only sent to Seacology donors, you can now read the PDF version online here.

  • July 2015

    India’s Lakshmi Moorthy wins Seacology Prize

    At our June Board of Directors meeting, Seacology’s leadership selected Lakshmi Moorthy of Tamil Nadu, India as the recipient of the 2015 Seacology Prize. Since childhood, Lakshmi has worked in the Gulf of Mannar as a seaweed harvester, a subsistence living for many of the women of her community. In 2002, that livelihood came under […]

  • June 2015

    Seacology launches seven new projects, first in Mozambique

    At their June meeting, Seacology’s Board of Directors approved seven new projects, including our first in the nation of Mozambique. These initiatives will help to protect thousands of acres of combined marine and terrestrial habitat, and such threatened species as dugongs, oceanic mantas, and fishing cats.   Belize: Big Falls Construction of housing for paying […]

  • June 2015

    Duane Silverstein pens guest blog for Tocqueville Foundation

    The Tocqueville Foundation, a French-American partnership that recently named Seacology as a Laureate for the Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy, has published a guest blog entry by Executive Director Duane Silverstein about our new nationwide project in Sri Lanka. You can read Duane’s piece here.

  • May 2015

    Seacology launches nationwide mangrove project in Sri Lanka

    COLOMBO, SRI LANKA – In a press conference today in Colombo, Sri Lanka, U.S.-based NGO (nonprofit organization) Seacology; Sri Lanka-based NGO Sudeesa (formerly known as Small Fishers Federation of Lanka); and the government of Sri Lanka announced a joint program that will make Sri Lanka the first nation in the world to comprehensively protect all […]

  • May 2015

    Our 2014 annual report is out!

    Our 2014 annual report, which details last year’s new projects, significant updates, and more, is now available for download here. You can also read past reports going back to 2005 at our Annual Reports and Financials page.

  • April 2015

    Job announcement: Peru Field Representative

    Seacology is the world’s premier nonprofit environmental organization whose sole focus is to preserve the environments and cultures of islands throughout the world. Seacology is based in the United States but works closely with indigenous islanders worldwide to protect island terrestrial and marine ecosystems. We seek win-win situations in which the local environment is protected […]

  • April 2015

    Celebrate Earth Day with us by becoming an Island Steward

    In celebration of Earth Day, Seacology invites you to join our new Island Stewards program. For as little as $10 a month, you can help keep our work to protect island habitats going strong year-round! Island Stewards will receive special recognition in future annual reports and a gift from one of our project sites for […]

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